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Pictured left to right are: Dave Kukura with cheque for Chelsey Kukura, Brian Potvin with cheque for Erin Potvin, UNIFOR Local 848 President Mark Mathewson, Bryan Schairer with cheque for Stephanie Schairer, and Scott Giddings with cheque for Kourtney-Marie Shortt. Congratulations to all 6 students!

The Globe and Mail’s Laura Stone, the Toronto Star’s Tonda MacCharles, Unifor President Jerry Diaz and CTV’s Craig Oliver discuss tax plans.

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unifor 848 sm post
Mark Mathewson at the Federation of Canadian Municipality conference, working with the National and the CLC to protect the rights of workers against unfair trade.

Mark and Minister McCallum from Immigration discussing the NOC policy for foreign managers at our site.



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