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The Ontario Council is accepting applications for the Al McLeod Scholarship fund. Scholarships are available to CEP Ontario Council Local Union Members and their immediate families. and are “awarded to persons seeking higher levels education to assume a career or advance the social fabric of Canada and working people”
Any interested CEP member should ask his or her Local Union President or Unit Chairperson for a copy of the brochure describing the scholarship fund in detail and an application form.
More info at www.cep-oc.ca/al-mcleod/

Completed application forms must be received no later than September 30, by:
Rob Gardiner,
Secretary Treasurer,
Ontario Council – CEP
1755 Steeles Ave. West
North York, Ontario
M2R 3T4
For copies of the brochure and the application form contact

Dan Hennaert
519-845-3653 at home
481-1251 or 481-1242 at work

Al McLeod Scholarship – History
The scholarship was founded in memory of Al McLeod, former President of Local 001 of the Energy and Chemical Workers Union (now CEP Local 975).

In October 1982 the members of Local 001 went on strike against their employer, Consumers Gas. Three days into the strike, Brother McLeod agreed to do a television news interview with a well known news reporter. The interview did not go well. Although they provided him with prepared questions, they were not used. In fact, as soon as the camera was turned on, the reporter unexpectedly started into a bitter attack on Brother McLeod, accusing him of taking 700 people on strike for nothing, while there were people in the city without jobs.

When the interview was shown that evening on the news, not only did they show the reporters verbal attack on Brother McLeod, they also edited his responses to make the interview seem worse.

Brother McLeod was terribly upset with the interview. It embarrassed him, not only on television, but in front of the company and his members, many of whom did not realize how he had been set up.
On the day after the interview, Brother McLeod addressed the Ontario Council delegates of the Energy and Chemical Workers Union, and explained the strike and asked for their support. A day later, Brother McLeod died of massive heart attack as he was leaving home to meet with his strike committee.

Most people feel that it was the pressure of the strike and the vicious nature of the interview that caused the heart attack.
The Ontario Council subsequently set up the Al McLeod Scholarship in his memory and in recognition of his dedication to the Union and his members. It has been awarded every year since.