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Local 848Over 40 Years of Historical Action


The Journey Begins

April 9, 1970 marked the birth of Local 848. Local 848 was chartered as a member of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union (OCAWU). The membership was made up of thousands of workers from the United States and membership was later extended to offer membership in Canada.

National Pride

June 1, 1980 marks the day Local 848 left OCAW and joined the union now referred to as the Energy and Chemical Workers Union (ECWU). The ECWU being a national union would better serve member interests.

The Tale of Three Unions

November 29, 1992 is when a new idea came into being. The Canadian Paperworkers Union, the Communication and Electrical Workers of Canada and the Energy and Chemical Workers Union came together and decided member interests would be better served with the merger of the these three unions. The unions merged to create the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP). CEP had a diverse membership consisting of members from the chemical, oil and gas sectors, paper workers and members who worked in different types of media. This made CEP the largest union of media members in Canada.

An Unprecedented Merger

September 2, 2013 marks a merger unlike any other in Canadian history. The Canadian Auto Workers union and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada merged to form a new union called Unifor, Canada’s newest – and largest – private sector union to turn the tide for Canada’s labour movement.

CAW overwhelmingly voted in favor of merging with CEP to create a powerful national union that was formed in response to anti-labour legislation that the Conservative government has been trying to implement. With 300,000 members strong, Unifor has become a formidable opponent against the Conservative government to help ensure worker rights are being upheld. Unifor Local 848 is part of that to ensure the best future for our members.