Organizing for the Ontario provincial election campaign starts today with Unifor’s 2018 member-to-member Make it Count Ontario election campaign.

Workers in the province have built a solid foundation of political action, uniting in coalitions that have pressured the government to finally introduce a $15 per hour minimum wage and free preschool child care, and to address the chronic under funding of hospitals. All of this progress is at risk of being rolled back if Doug Ford’s conservatives take power.

“There is too much at stake in this election not to take action,” said Jerry Dias, National President. “We must stop the conservatives and show the next government that Unifor members will be heard.”

One way to be heard, said Dias and Ontario Regional Director, Naureen Rizvi is to sign the pledge to vote on the new election website If you’re a Unifor member from Ontario and you want to keep pushing for social justice in this province for workers and families it’s time to get active, said Rizvi.

The union’s election campaign focuses on the major demands that were laid out at the Ontario Regional Council this past December. Delegates voted then and decided the union should demand that all parties address inequality and protect good jobs. With the support of Unifor’s Political Action Department, the union’s campaign will also call on the candidates and parties to fix the deep-rooted health care and long-term care crisis and finally introduce universal, public child care and a pharmacare program for all.

“Workers aren’t ready to turn back the clock on the rights that we fought so hard to gain. This election should continue to raise the bar and address inequality head-on,” added Rizvi. “If this is the future that you want for Ontario, then it’s time to get to work.”

In the lead up to the June 7 election, members will be asked to volunteer to talk with members about the importance of voting and how, together, union members can make this election count for workers.